About the Media Center

How many books can students checkout at once?
K-1  1 book
2-5  2 books

How long can students keep the books?
2 weeks

Are there overdue fines?

What fines are there?
If a book is damaged and can't be repaired or if a book is lost the student's parent need to send in the money to pay for the book.  Once the fine is cleared, the student can start checking out books again.

What are loft passes?
These are given by Mrs. Snider or Mrs. Trexler to students that exhibit excellent behavior. They may be used at anytime that fits the teacher's schedule.  Students are invited to bring their book baskets to the media center to read while they sit up in the loft on the bean bags or on the couches. However, the loft is "For Readers only!"  All talkers or non-readers will be sent back to their room.

How many books are in the library?
We have around 10,000 books from which students to choose.