Computer Lab Sign Up

Computer Lab Sign Up

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We will be using SIGN UP GENIUS again this year to schedule computers and iPads.  A google calendar for each lab will be shared with all teachers. 

Always check the schedule and sign up before you take your students to the lab.  Please return or pass the mobile lab to the next person on time.

You have the following labs to choose from when using computers with your students.  PLEASE pay attention to the name and # of computers on each lab - that will be important for your scheduling.  If you're doing an activity and only need a few computers you'll be able to pull a smaller lab instead of one that has 29 computers in it.  The "Small" and "Mini" labs are labeled. 



*One of the labs will only be available on  Mondays, Tuesdays, & part of Wednesday
Computer Lab - (29 Desktops)    Room 307 

Coming Soon!! Dell Computer Lab - (30 Desktops)   Room 112

Mobile Mac Lab - 
(18 Laptops)   


iPad 30 - (Cart of 30 iPads) 

iPad 10 - (Cart of 10 iPads)