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Welcome to your media center!  

We are a 21st Century Digital Learning Library where students engage in collaborative projects throughout the year.


Media Specialist, Erika Thompson
Media Assistant, TBA


The photos below give you a glimpse into our media center. Image of Media Center

 Image of Media Center from loft

Tables were updated by using funds provided by the book fairs we have had.  We are very thankful to everyone who has purchased items at the book fairs.  Without your support, we wouldn't have been able to purchase these new things.

 Image of Loft area
The loft area (some call it the Crow's Nest) is a favorite for students because they get to come up and read during media or during the day.
Image of Non-fiction section and station areas
Students browse through these shelves if they want non-fiction books.  We also have our STEM stations set up for them to use after they checkout.