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School Improvement Team

2021-2022 SIT Members 
Principal - Keri Lovell
Asst. Principal - Kemp Smith
Parent - Sheri Lanier
Pre-K - Barbara Ann Austin
Kindergarten - Angela Kelly
1st - Katie Jo Duncan
2nd - Chelsea Hedrick
3rd - Debora Snider
4th - Mary Walser
5th - Misty Priddy
EC - Kate White
Assistants - Crystal Fero
Guidance- Ashleigh Stambaugh
Enrichment - Sara Tolles
Title 1 - Ginger Stovall
Instructional Coach - Angie Wright
Media Coordinator/PBIS Chair - Erika Thompson
 The School Improvement Team will meet once a month.
For your reference, the below dates are scheduled school improvement team meetings: