Ginger Stovall: Title I Reading Specialist

Ginger Stovall- Title I Reading Specialist:
I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education from UNCC and a K-12 Reading License.  I have 22+ years experience, eight of which I taught first and third grade.  The last 14 years I have been a Title I Reading Specialist at Churchland Elementary.  My job is to help struggling readers become proficient, fluent and confident readers so they can excel as life long learners and contribute to society.  
-I collaborate with the classroom teachers to meet the needs of our students.  My expectations mimic the classroom's expectations I am working with .  When I am in small groups I expect my students to be engaged, attentive, and try their best. 
-I do not give classroom grades instead I collect data to guide, plan and implement appropriate instruction for my students.  The data I collect is used to support the classroom teacher's instruction and make sure all my student's needs are being met.  
-I look forward to a wonderful year of learning, growing and excelling at Churchland Elementary School! 
**If you have any questions at any time feel free to contact me at school: 336-242-5690