Ginger Stovall: Title I Reading Specialist

Ginger Stovall- Title I Reading Specialist:
I have a Master's degree in Elementary Education from UNCC and a K-12 Reading License.  I have eighteen and one half total years experience, eight of which I taught first and third grade.  The last ten years I have been a Title I Reading Specialist at Churchland Elementary.  My job is to help struggling readers become proficient, fluent and confident readers so they can excel as life long learners and contribute to society.  
My current 2018 schedule is:
8:05-9:20 Push In 5th grade
9:40-11:10 Push In 4th grade
11:15-11:45 Pull Out 1st grade
11:45-12:20 Lunch
12:20-1:15 Push In 3rd grade
1:20-2:20 Push In 5th grade
-I collaborate with the classroom teachers to meet the needs of our students.  My expectations mimic the classroom's expectations I am working with .  When I am in small groups I expect my students to be engaged, attentive, and try their best. 
-I do not give classroom grades instead I collect data to guide, plan and implement appropriate instruction for my students.  The data I collect is used to support the classroom teacher's instruction and make sure all my student's needs are being met.  
-I look forward to a wonderful year of learning, growing and excelling at Churchland Elementary School! 
**If you have any questions at any time feel free to contact me at school: 336-242-5690